Zentangle™ Workshops

lindaDo you have a circle of friends you like spending time with? Would you like to try something different besides retail therapy, coffee dates and dinner parties? How about trying something fun and exciting that will bring you hours of enjoyment and bring you closer together without spending lots of money?

Maybe you’re planning a reunion and want an activity that everyone can enjoy regardless of age or abilities and requires no set up or fancy equipment. Want a great activity to add some fun to a business conference or meeting, that will provide a relaxed, non-threatening way to get to know your work mates.

Or, maybe you’re looking for a fresh new idea for a fund raising project that’s fun, easy and inexpensive. Perhaps it’s time to create a new look to your home and garden, or even your wardrobe.

Is there someone in your life that’s experiencing a life transition and is at loose ends as to what happens next? Could you benefit from seeing life from a different perspective with out going on an expensive get away. Perhaps you’re looking for an effective way to manage the every day stress in your life. Wondering how to reach out to an adolescent in your life and find some common ground or encourage self-expression.

Maybe it’s time to try Zentangle. As a Certified Zentangle Teacher, I’d be delighted to introduce you to the wonderful world of ‘Tangling’. In one session you will learn the basics of an art form that is easy to do, can be done almost anywhere and that creates a profound sense of well being just by playing with pen, pencil and paper.

History of Zentangle

Much has been written about the history of Zentangle and while I love repeating patterns, hence my love and fascination with the art of Zentangle, I’m not all that keen about repeating the same stories without some of my own creativity thrown in. So here’s a slightly different approach to the wonderful story of Maria Thomas, Rick Roberts and the creation of Zentangle.

Imagine growing up in a small mill town in New England in the 50’s and 60’s and by the age of nine, you begin having a recurring dream that suggests you’re going to discover a new colour that at first no one else could see. It would be beautiful and you’d show others how to see it and it would have the ability to change their lives.

Imagine the excitement and curiosity this might inspire. What a magnificent mission to entrust to a young girl. Thankfully, Maria’s creative streak ran deep and by the age of seven she was painting her own designs on rocks and sold everyone of them at the local church bazar. What a great beginning! Continue to read...