Black Pens

When I start thinking about my favourite supplies for Zentangle, it just seems natural to start with pens.

I don’t think you can have too many pens, unless of course storage is an issue. Then yes, I suppose you could have too many pens or maybe its just time to rethink storage at your house.

Keep in mind when you have a gaggle of pens, it’s important to have them organized so you can easily find the ones you want to use. You don’t want to waste any creativity time hunting for the perfect pen. So, I guess that brings us right back to storage. Worth giving it some thought, especially if you’re going to invest in some really cool pens.

As for pens, in the true Zentangle spirit, Sakura Micron pens (from Japan) are the ones to reach for. It’s important to recognize that the nibs of the Micron pens are very fragile. They shouldn’t be shaken and it is recommended they be stored horizontally. So that’s something to keep in mind when creating the perfect storage situation. I didn’t realize how important storage was!



They come in a variety of nib sizes; my favourites for Tangling are 01 for a nice fine line, the 05 if I want something to pop off the page and the 08 for filling in larger areas. While the Micron pens do come in colours, I only recommend the Brown and Sepia. The Brown is a lovely dark chocolate kind of brown while the Sepia is the pen to use on the Renaissance (more commonly called Tan) tiles.  One more pen worth mentioning is the Apprentice pen also made by Sakura. It’s a Pigma 05 pen and creates a bolder line and has a sturdier nib.

As for nib styles, Sakura has created a bullet style nib they call Graphic 1and it comes in 2 different sized chisel tips called Graphic 2 and 3. The Brush is my favourite and it is a calligraphy style pen that is lovely to play with. They also come in colours but again; I only use the Black and Brown. My favourite colours will come later!