paper3Now for paper, keep in mind, great art can be made on just about anything. I’ve written letters on flattened brown paper bags, on the torn out page of a calendar, on maps, and spent more time on decorating than the words because as we all know, pictures tell their own stories, sometimes even better than words can.

When Maria and Rick launched Zentangle, they gave tremendous time and thought to the perfect paper. And in their true serendipitous fashion, chose a 100% cotton Italian paper…”Our idea to die-cut their edges arose when some early Zentangle prototypes accidentally went through the laundry. While those Zentangles came out in great shape, with their patterns not a bit faded, their edges were softened and their corners rounded. This so added to its beauty that we decided to die-cut our tiles from then on.”paper4

The Zentangle tiles are certainly the ideal and there are choices here too: the traditional 3.5 x 3.5 inch tile comes in white, tan (Renaissance) and black. The Zendala is a round 4 inch tile and also comes in all three colours. The Apprentice tile is 4 x 4 inches and was created for use with the Apprentice pen and is geared to children or people who enjoy working on a bit of a larger scale with a sturdier pen. The newest edition in the Zentangle tile collection is the Bijou tile, which is 2 x 2inches and it’s great for doing monotangles. A monotangle is one tangle pattern per tile.