Copic Pens

If you’re looking for a really cool pen with a replaceable nib and refillable ink cartridge, you are looking for a Copic Pen (also from Japan). This is a great option if you’re likely to drop your pen on the concrete patio or tile floor with the cap off. That way you don’t have to throw out the whole pen, just simply replace the nib. They’ve thought of everything! They also have a range of nib sizes, styles and colours. These guys seem to be really out there on the colour edge of things. They have many lines of pens and over 300 colours to choose from and if that wasn’t enough, you can buy blank cartridges to mix your own. Now for someone like me, that’s just way over the top daunting. I’ll stick to the 300 colour options provided, thanks. The colours available in the Multiliner Pens are gorgeous. So far, Wine is my favourite but they have Olive, 2 different Greys, Sepia and Brown. The perfect for me nib sizes are 0.3 and 0.7.


When considering the perfect pen, I think you have to consider how it feels in your hand and the Copic is just lovely to hold in your hand. It’s a bit like the perfect tea or coffee cup, it has to feel good in my hands and naturally rest against my lip. Writing and sipping hot drinks can be such a sensuous event if you stop to think about it.

As you can see, with just the mention of two companies, there is a lot of pen exploring to do and I haven’t even touched on the world of white pens. If you feeling a bit bewildered already, just take this slowly, maybe it’s time to go make a cup of something hot and yummy, stretch your legs, and even go buy a pen or two just to get started. Then maybe you’ll be ready to investigate the world of white pens.