Colour Pens

Okay here we are, its time to explore the world of colour. No easy task but let me start by saying, I love colour! Whether it’s painting the walls or furniture in my house, what colour to wear on any given day or playing with colour for arts sake, colour is a powerful force that can have an effect on our everyday lives. Colour opens up a whole new world. Has any one noticed how many different colours you can paint your toes? Oh my goodness, the options are staggering.

coloursSo if you thought pens were a simple item, have no fear I’ll keep it simple; so far I only have one favourite. Tombow Markers make the best dual tipped watercolour markers. It turns out the Tombow Pencil Company originated in Japan in 1913 and now there is now a subsidiary in North America called American Tombow. They have clearly branched out since they began creating the perfect pencil. I encourage you to check out their website. The range of colours is generous and they have even started putting together colour packets to help narrow down the dizzying array of choices.

Now in a perfect world, we’d all have the complete set but as I mentioned earlier, they do have smaller sets, which can be the perfect way to get started. It gives you a chance to explore the product and see if it’s for you.


What’s wonderful about Tombow Markers is you can blend right on the page with them or use a little plastic blending palette and create your very own colours. They have a blending kit that includes a blending pen, mister and palette with their complete list of colours and the corresponding numbers for easy ordering. Also, they are great to use just as is without any blending at all as the colours are so rich.

So, that’s all I have to say about colour, but stay tuned as I’ll be adding to my favourites list as I continue exploring.