tableWhen you start an art practice, regardless of which medium you’re attracted to, supplies and space are usually the first things to come to mind. The brilliant thing about the Zentangle method is it can be done anywhere, so space is not usually an issue.

The traditional tile can be held in your hand, while it’s not my particular preference as a way to work, it can be done. If I have a hankering to art and want to sit on the couch or go to the beach, I really like using one of those small clipboards. They’re great. They are so lightweight, portable and inexpensive and that leaves more time and money to focus on supplies.

If you’re like me, this is the really exciting part as my mind spins with the possibilities of what I can accomplish once I find the perfect set of supplies. So I offer the following pages as a place to start when you’re pondering what you’d like to use when exploring Zentangle art:

Black Pens
Copic Pens
White Pens
Colour Pens