Here are some great links that I enjoy. Get ready to do a little international traveling at your computer. So you might as well get comfortable and start with some really yummy tea. This sweet little place is right here on Vancouver Island and does a fabulous job of growing, blending and serving delicious teas and sweet treats. And they mix art and teas in a very delightful manner. A must see both on the Internet and in person if at all possible.

Helen Williams has a great blog called ‘a little lime’; she lives in Yarra Valley in Victoria Australia - She’s published two e-books that are worth checking out. Not quite sure how to describe this one. They explain themselves as a place for learning, conversation, and imagining. That in itself got me hooked! No one to my knowledge has come out and called this the bible of Zentangle but I think that’s an apt description. An endless collection of tangle patterns; I mean that literally, as this gal keeps collecting new tangles and their step outs. And gods bless her for that! There are so many great artists out there and this is definitely one of them! What’s great about the Zentangle movement (yes, it’s a movement that crosses the globe) is they are generous, kind and enthusiastic and into sharing. Yippee! This young fellow is in India his blog is worth checking out. It’s so fascinating to see what Zentangle inspires in people. Sandy Hunter is from Texas and is into graphic design so loves letters and fonts. Also another fun site to visit. Adele Bruno lives in Florida and has a great out look on life and that is reflected in her blog. If nothing else, check out her blog to see how to decorate the outside of your house. Her banner is totally inspiring! Here is the official Zentangle website. This is where it all got started ten years ago. Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts are funny, intelligent and over the top creatively focused. Sandy Bartholomew is prolific, humorous and makes great Zentangle books. I’d love to attend one of her workshops. Please, check out my pinterest page. I’m working on all kinds of inspiring collections. Ted Talks are great!  Make yourself a pot of tea, then type in “creativity” in the search bar and you’ll be amazed at what you find. I enjoyed these two talks recently:

Rita Pierson rocks! I wish I’d had her as a teacher when I was growing up.

The list could go on, and it will go on as I continue to explore and adventure round the cyber world. So check back in to see what else I’ve discovered and please drop me a line if you find some exciting places that you’d like to share.