Zentangle Patterns, as mentioned earlier can be seen like colours and it’s fun to experiment with how to use them. They can be used one at a time as stand alones (monotangles) or can be mixed and blended together. Weaving them together so the lines blur between where one begins and the others ends creates illusions and mesmerizing art.hand

Playing with light and dark or the values of patterns will also add to the dimension of your art. And of course, shading or adding colour can take your Zentangle patterns to whole new levels. Another way to play with Zentangle Patterns is do them as circles, borders and edges, inside letters of the alphabet or to create texture to your art projects. This way some of the simplest tangle patterns take on a whole new dimension and sophistication. So have fun and play with being bold, curious and creative!

Learning how to do tangle patterns is done with the help of ‘step outs’. Maria and Rick have a real knack for deconstructing patterns and have created an incredible collection of official Zentangle patterns. Be sure to find their website with my Links List. Many of these patterns look complicated and it isn’t until you work your way through the step outs that you’ll realize they are actually made from very simple steps. You’ll find sometimes it’s easier to do the Zentangle Patterns by turning your tile as you work through the various steps.

This collection of Zentangle patterns and their step outs is just the beginning of my favourites list. I’m always looking for patterns, be it in nature, food, or architecture, so be sure to drop by again to see new additions to my collection.

About Me

Creativity has been a central part of my life for as long as I can remember, it brings a rich sense of satisfaction to my life I haven’t managed to find anywhere else.

Of course, I started with mud pies, didn’t everyone? I loved mud pies, the feel of it, and the endless supply. Okay my mum probably wasn’t as thrilled with this obsession as I was but we all start somewhere.

Many believe our origins are that of that of hunter-gatherers and yet I’ve never really felt like much of a hunter. I’m definitely a gatherer but that just doesn’t roll off the tongue easily all by itself. Crafter-gatherer is an apt description of what keeps my spark alive and better describes my lifestyle.

I’m also a dabbler-explorer, I love trying new things, and whether I actually stick to them is quite immaterial. The exploration is the exciting bit! So after mud pies, I was knitting at nine, loved paper dolls (still do) then pottery, sewed my first dress at 13 and the list goes on from there. I’ve never stopped exploring and don’t ever intend to. This is such a complex and magical world we’ve inherited; it would be such a pity to not fully explore it. Continue to read...