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Zentangle Explodes

francoisAs the world of Zentangle art continues to explode, (yes that’s a good thing) I’ve been pondering how art shapes our world, and how our environment shapes our art.

I’m a lucky one; I happen to live in one of the most beautiful areas in the world. I’ve spent thirty years living on the edge of Desolation Sound (google that for sure). And now I live on Vancouver Island in British Columbia Canada.  This whole region is known far and wide for it’s gorgeous scenery, friendly folks and an abundance of wildlife. And I get to call it home!

This environment has certainly shaped how I think and feel about the world. Every day offers up new images whether it’s the sun turning the morning clouds crimson or fog has rolled in and blanketed all of us in a thick damp greyness.

This west coast setting is constantly changing, ready to take my breath away without any warning. Many times I’ve just had to stop, take a picture, sketch an image or just narrowed a view between my fingers and let an ahh escape my lips. I honestly don’t know if I picked such an inspiring setting on purpose or if it was just serendipity but it has most definitely shaped my love of art.

Exploring Zentangle art has taught me to appreciate my world from a new perspective. I’m admiring the details in my environment like never before, seeing texture and shading in new ways. I’ve always been a big fan of colour and texture, and am quick to reach out and touch things. But now I’m revelling in the details and the deconstructing of patterns.

Watching how the sun and water shape the texture of sand on a beach is fascinating once you hone your ‘noticing’ skills. Imagination, curiosity and observation are keen skills that add richness to life, bringing us to a place of awe. Aristotle advised us to appreciate the wonder of the world around us, the wonder of the ordinary experience. And turning this into art, just makes sense to me.

No one has captured all of this better than Andres Amador, and while he doesn’t seem to mention it in anything I’ve found, it sure looks a lot like he’s using the Zentangle method in his landscape art. Check out his video, it is awe inspiring for sure.