Zentangle™ with Linda


Can you hold a pen; make a dot, a line, a ‘c’ shape, a squiggle, a circle, and a semi circle? Then you can make art. In fact, gorgeous art, and it really is that simple. 

I’d told myself for years I couldn’t make art, sure I was crafty but art was different, more important, special and technical, right? Everyone knows you have to train to be an artist and you have to have some special latent talent to begin with. 

Well guess what, after one three-hour Zentangle class, I could see that just wasn’t true. Even the people taking the class with me confirmed my new found understanding – they called my first attempt gorgeous and proceeded to tell me why they thought that. They were clearly sincere, honest individuals and amazing artists themselves. So, after this experience, I was hooked! 

I’d like to say I quietly mulled over this newfound broader sense of self but I didn’t. I quickly emailed friends and showed it to anyone I could and exclaimed loudly and with great enthusiasm – look! Look what I did! It was like I’d just invented sliced cheese and it was 1960 all over again.

I was more amazed than anyone. It wasn’t until many months later while attending the CZT (Certified Zentangle Teacher) training seminar, when Rick Roberts (one of the founders of Zentangle) said “so I wonder what else you’ve told yourself you couldn’t do”, that I really got it.

We really do shape our lives with our thoughts and beliefs, and what we can imagine. Albert Einstein says, “Imagination is more important than knowledge” and who is smarter than dear Albert? I’ve read more self help books than I care to admit but I’d never had such a concrete example laid before me and it was all accomplished with the simple tools many of us use every day; with pen and paper. Read More...

Favourite Supplies

pens-colourWhen I start thinking about my favourite supplies for Zentangle, it just seems natural to start with pens.

I don’t think you can have too many pens, unless of course storage is an issue. Then yes, I suppose you could have too many pens or maybe its just time to rethink storage at your house. Continue reading...


lindaZentangle Patterns, as mentioned earlier can be seen like colours and it’s fun to experiment with how to use them. They can be used one at a time as stand alones (monotangles) or can be mixed and blended together. Weaving them together so the lines blur between where one begins and the others ends creates illusions and mesmerizing art. Continue reading...